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Axitec Modules


German/U.S. Engineered

UL Certified

12 Year Product Warranty (2 Above Industry Standard) and 25 Year Power Guarantee


270 W --------------------------------------------------- $200.00

Axitec Data Sheet


Axitec Website


We have a large variety of ever changing inventory. Please shoot an email to or give us a call at 786 309 5850 for our most current products or if you would like to talk about a project.

Panels for Sale

No Minimum Order Quantity! Discounts given for larger quantity orders!


ABB Inverters

Transformerless, single-phase

Dual input section that processes two strings with independent MPP-Tracking.
Efficiency of 97% guarantees very high performance.
Integrated DC disconnect switch in compliance with international standards.


3kW ------------------------------------------------------$1,400.00

3.8kW ----------------------------------------------------$1,500.00

4.2kW ----------------------------------------------------$1,600.00

ABB PVI-3.0/3.6/3.8/4.2-TL-OUTD Data Sheet


ABB Website

Inverters for Sale


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